1916-19191,686 men from Gloucester served in World War I.Government and Public Service, Military

Photo of painting of A. Piatt Andrew, “To ‘Doc’ Andrew, France 1918. L. A. Peirce SSU 3” 1918. Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 22027
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Men registered in compliance with the act requiring universal compulsory military registration.

Gloucester (Mass.) Tercentenary Committee, and James Pringle R. The Book of the Three Hundredth Anniversary Observance of the Foundation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony at Cape Ann in 1623 and the Fiftieth Year of the Incorporation of Gloucester as a City. Publication Board of the Three hundredth anniversary executive committee, 1924. Gloucester Daily Times. “Flower of the City’s Youth Who Registered for the Call of Duty Under the Nation’s Selective Draft Act.” June 28, 1917, Vol. 53 No. 5097 edition. https://sawyer.advantage-preservation.com/.
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