1914A. Piatt Andrew organized the American Field Service in France.People and Communities, Government and Public Service, Military, Notable People

A. Piatt Andrew, World War I, 1914. B. Melcy, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 22025
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This organization provided medical support to French and later American soldiers in World War I. While A. Piatt Andrew oversaw field operations in France, his neighbor Henry Davis Sleeper, and friend, Isabella Stewart Gardner managed fundraising and administrative duties. During WWI, 2,500 volunteer American Field Service drivers transported more than 500,000 war casualties.

“A. Piatt Andrew to His Parents August 18, 1916.” https://postalmuseum.si.edu/exhibition/my-fellow-soldiers-exhibition-explore-by-theme-staying-neutral/a-piatt-andrew-to-his. A. Piatt Andrew papers, Hoover Institution Library & Archives. https://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/kt5z09r78p/admin/#aspace_98b6a45a71955f629461cd0a0ac6fd6d
Inspector General A. Piatt Andrew and Assistant Inspector General Stephen Galatti in front of a row of ambulances at 21 rue Raynouard, the location of the AFS headquarters in Paris, France. Ellis, H.C., A. Piatt Andrew and Stephen Galatti in Front of a Row of Ambulances, 1917, Archives of the American Field Service, https://the-afs-archive.org/images/article/img-1_002_1e_43
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