1862A storm occurred on Georges Bank and 120 fishermen were lost.Events & Anniversaries, Economy and Industry, Maritime & Fishing Industry

Poem about the February 24th storm, “Lost on Georges Bank,” sold by George B. Fisher, 79 Front Street, Gloucester, n.d. Courtesy of Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, D 22, FF 24
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On February 24 and 25, 1862, a tremendous gale raged on Georges Bank. This was usually a time of the year when there was good fishing, so many vessels were at sea. According to a survivor, the wind picked up quickly on February 24 when the fleet was anchored close together, not more than a half mile apart from one another. The blizzard roared overnight causing 15 schooners to lose their berthing, crashing many of them into boats still at anchor. When the storm had abated, 15 fishing schooners had sunk. There were 120 men lost, leaving 70 widows and 140 fatherless children. The total value of the vessels lost was $54,000, on which there was an insurance of about two-thirds of this amount.

The Fisheries of Gloucester from the First Catch by the English in 1623, to the Centennial Year, 1876. Gloucester, Procter Brothers, 1876, http://archive.org/details/fisheriesofglouc00glourich
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