1897Addison Gilbert Hospital was built.Arts and Culture, Government and Public Service, Location and Setting, Buildings & Architecture, Health

Addison Gilbert named many local organizations in his will, but the largest bequest he made was for $100,000 “to found and establish…a free hospital.” The Charter for the hospital was issued on March 13, 1889, by Henry B. Pierce, Secretary of the Commonwealth. Eben Brown’s farm was chosen for the site, based on its central location.

The hospital was scheduled to open in July of 1897; however, the first patient arrived in June. “…a young fisherman named Dennis McNeary was brought in with fractures of the arm and pelvis, major injury to the brachial plexus, his left arm paralyzed, severe facial lacerations, and heavy bruises” after being struck by a train. (Brooks and Babson, 50)

Brooks, Laurence F., and W. Warren Babson. --As They May Need: A History of the Addison Gilbert Hospital. West Kennebunk, Me: Published for the Addison Gilbert Hospital by Phoenix Pub, 1989.
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