1879Alpheus Hyatt, Jr. opened a marine biology laboratory in Annisquam.People and Communities, Notable People

Hyatt, Alpheus 1838-1902, Photograph, Historic Images of the Smithsonian Collection, Smithsonian Institution Archives, https://collections.si.edu/search/detail/edanmdm:siris_sic_11395?q=record_ID%3Dsiris_sic_11395&record=1&hlterm=record_ID%3Dsiris_sic_11395&inline=true
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Alpheus Hyatt was a naturalist, paleontologist, and educator. In 1879, he established a laboratory in Annisquam, where he had a summer home. He brought his daughter, Anna Hyatt, to Annisquam with him, who would later become a sculptor and created the Joan of Arc statue in Gloucester.

He owned a 60-foot schooner that he used to make scientific cruises along the New England coast. Later, the station moved to Woods Hole and became Woods Hole Oceanographic Laboratory.

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