1930Artist and writer, Cecilia Beaux, published her autobiography Background with Figures.Arts and Culture, Literary History, Art

Group portrait, left to right: Cecilia Beaux, Henry D. Sleeper, Leslie Buswell, and John Hays Hammond Jr., n.d. Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 20917
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In her book, Beaux wrote, “I am glad that the seeds of what grew for me in Gloucester were sown by the members of my family, who, now that my father and grandmother were gone, continued to be the centre to which I was attached, no matter what my wanderings, as long as they lived.” (Beaux, 338)

Beaux, Cecilia. Background with Figures : Autobiography of Cecilia Beaux. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1930. http://archive.org/details/backgro00beau.
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