1898Artist Augustus Waldeck Buhler (1853-1920) opened a studio and school on Rocky Neck.Arts and Culture, Art

Portrait of Augustus W. Buhler at age 26, 1879. C. R. B. Claflin, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 22122
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Augustus Waldeck Buhler and his family began summering in Gloucester in 1885, and in 1898 opened his first summer studio on Rocky Neck. Buhler painted portraits of local fishermen, whom he had befriended and who liked and trusted him. His best-known work is the Man at the Wheel painting, which was bought by Gorton’s and continues to be used as their trademark.

“A. W. Buhler Studio.” Rocky Neck Historic Art Trail, 14 Jan. 2019, https://trail.rockyneckartcolony.org/index.php/a-w-buhler-studio/.
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