1922Artists Charles Allen and Alice Beach Winter settled in East Gloucester.Arts and Culture, Art

Alice Beach Winter painting, c. 1900. Charles Allan Winter, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 21213
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The Winters made their first summer visit to Cape Ann in 1910 and by 1922 they owned a home and a studio on Mount Pleasant Avenue in East Gloucester, which they made their year-round home in 1931. Two of the few politically left-wing artists to live year-round in Gloucester, they served the community as painters and teachers. They were both socialists; Alice was an active suffragette and Charles was one of her campaign workers. Though they worked for mainstream publications to earn a living, they were both idealists. Some of Charles Winter’s murals are preserved within City Hall.

Curtis, Judith, Rocky Neck Art Colony: 1850-1950, Gloucester, Massachusetts, Rocky Neck Art Colony, Gloucester, MA, A Finding Aid to the Charles Allan and Alice Beach Winter Papers, circa 1890-1949 | Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. https://www.aaa.si.edu/collections/charles-allan-and-alice-beach-winter-papers-9382. Accessed 11 Aug. 2023.
Courtesy of Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, P 37, FF 1
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