1937Charles Allan Winter painted Civic Virtues (in four sections) for Gloucester City Hall.Arts and Culture, Government and Public Service, City Government, Art

City Council in Session mural by Charles Allen Winter, 1937. Charles Allan Winter, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 20741
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Each section of this mural depicts Winter’s vision for one particular role of city government. The title, Civic Virtues, is true to Winter’s belief that municipalities and citizens both have important roles to play in a democracy and to the idealistic New Deal view of social and governmental responsibility. Winter’s use of Gloucester citizens as models made this, like his other murals, feel as if they belong to and come out of the community, the primary goal of the Federal Arts Project mural program.

Living New Deal. “Gloucester City Hall: Winter Murals - Gloucester MA.”https://livingnewdeal.org/sites/gloucester-city-hall-civic-virtues-mural-gloucester-ma/.
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