1971City Council passed Urban Renewal II (UR-II)Economy and Industry, Government and Public Service, Maritime & Fishing Industry, City Government

Property Boundary and Land Acquisition Map, June 1971. Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, D9, FF19.
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The plan passed with five conditions for the Housing Authority, including assisting dislocated lobster fishermen and homeowners. The area for renewal was the waterside of Main Street from Rowe Square to Parker Street, the waterside of Parker Street, and the State Pier. The major objective was to widen Main Street and help develop industrial waterfront-oriented businesses. Some expressed concerns about the UR-II interfering with the expansion of the State Pier. The City Council also passed a resolution to devote waterfront renewal in the North Channel to fresh fish industries.

Gloucester Daily Times. "Council approves UR-II with 5 conditions." June 24, 1971.
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