2011During a storm in September, high winds and tides destroyed the Greasy Pole, a cultural staple during Fiesta weekend.People and Communities, Events & Anniversaries, Celebrations & Anniversaries, Italian History

The pole was was found tipped over onto its side in the water off Pavilion Beach on September 30, 2011 probably from super high tides, driving rain and gusty winds. The platform had been previously damaged in August by Tropical Storm Irene.
The destruction sparked an immediate response, with community members raising money to replace it. The toppling also led to the Greasy Pole Fall Classic in November, when where walkers tackled the old broken pole at Newell Stadium while the new greasy pole was being rebuilt.

Gaines, Richard. "Greasy Pole takes a dive - Fiesta, city leaders say sports centerpiece will be rebuilt." Gloucester Daily Times. October 1, 2011.
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