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Gloucester Daily Times. “Federal disaster aid sought to help fishermen in ruin.” December 17, 1998.
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The Massachusetts congressional delegation, including North Shore Congressman John Tierney, prepared a $100 million fishermen’s relief bill in response to imminent proposals that would close inshore fisheries to cod fishing for many months each year. The proposal by the New England Fisheries Management Council was a response to studies citing an accelerating decline in cod stocks in the Gulf of Maine, which includes all of the waters off Cape Ann. The legislators claimed that without the bill’s job training, health insurance, and boat buyback aid, 200 Cape Ann fishermen working within 90 miles of the shore would lose their livelihoods. The proposal was in addition to $90 million previously spent by the federal government in the 1990s to cushion the impacts of fisheries restrictions that were intended to replenish fish stocks. Members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation met with Budget Office Director Jack Lew to approve the $100 million plan so that it could face an immediate Senate vote.

Gloucester Daily Times. "Federal disaster aid sought to help fishermen in ruin." December 17, 1998.
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