1923Italian dictator Benito Mussolini refused to pay Gorton’s for a $1 million order.Economy and Industry, Local Businesses, Maritime & Fishing Industry

Drying Fish, Gloucester, Mass, Sawyer Free Library Postcard Collection, NOBLE Digital Heritage, https://digitalheritage.noblenet.org/s/gloucester/item/4699
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With a decline in the demand for salt cod, Gorton’s was pleased to get a $1-million-plus order from the Italian government. When the shipment reached Italy, Mussolini ordered it seized and refused to pay Gorton’s. The company faced bankruptcy.

Landrigan, Leslie. “When Mussolini Stiffed Gloucester, Mass., for $1 Million.” New England Historical Society, June 22, 2018. https://newenglandhistoricalsociety.com/when-mussolini-stiffed-gloucester-mass-for-1-million/.
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