1888Mayor David I. Robinson resigned over liquor license suspensions.Events & Anniversaries, Government and Public Service, Temperance, City Government

Resignation letter of Mayor Robinson, 1888. Courtesy of Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, D 1A, FF 10
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At the time, the Board of Alderman granted liquor licenses, which were later signed by the mayor. In April of 1888, the Board of Alderman granted five liquor licenses that Mayor Robinson refused to sign given his strong political stance against the sale of liquor. One bottler of malt liquors who was denied a license by Mayor Robinson, George A. Davis, applied to the Supreme Judicial Court for a writ of mandamus against the mayor, which he won. Mayor Robinson resigned from his position on May 24, 1888, rather than sign the licenses.

Pringle, James R. History of the Town and City of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Published by the City of Gloucester Archives Committee and the Ten Pound Island Book Co., 1997.
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