1727Nathaniel Sargent kept a tavern, which might have been located at “Done Fudging” on the Annisquam River.Arts and Culture, Economy and Industry, Entertainment, Local Businesses

Swimming pool at Dun Fudgin in landing behind present Gloucester High School, c. 1930s. Alfred Bernard, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 22362
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“Done Fudging” (or Dunfudgin) is the local term used for the place on the Annisquam River where the opposing currents meet. Before the river was dredged, boatmen used poles to ferry their boat or rafts against the current, called fudging, and tied up at Done Fudging to wait for the tide to change. Historian John James Babson speculates that Nathaniel Sargent kept a tavern at this spot, which is behind the current High School, to accommodate fishermen passing through the Cut.

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