1941-1945Photographer Aaron Siskind summered in East Gloucester.Arts and Culture, Art

Wharf scene, Gloucester, Massachusetts, Sawyer Free Library, NOBLE Digital Heritage, https://omeka-s.noblenet.org/s/gloucester/item/4833.
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Gloucester was a place to think and explore for Siskind. His work became more personal here, where Siskind photographed Gloucester’s detritus, neglected objects on the wharves, decaying structures, parts of schooners, graffiti, and broken windows. In a 1978 interview, he said that all his groundbreaking work started with a glove he photographed on a Gloucester wharf in 1944.

Cook, Greg, A New Way of Looking: Aaron Siskind in Gloucester, March 23, 2004, http:// www.gregcookland.com/siskind.html
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