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A Poem By Charles Giuliano


Author Charles Giuliano recently completed a residency with the Manship Artists Residency in Gloucester, MA. Manship was formed in 2015 to preserve and protect a 15+ acre, quarried landscape and to continue the legacy of the Manship family of artists: Paul, John, and Margaret; all of whom found community and great inspiration while living and working on Cape Ann. The Residency program aims to enrich and advance Cape Ann’s cultural heritage with a new group of innovators, writers, visual artists and scholars, providing a peaceful space dedicated to self-discovery and creative exploration.

Picture Window


In Lanesville 1940s

The War years

Paul Manship bought land

With two quarries

Butman and Canney’s

How fitting for a sculptor

The very material

Of ledgey Cape Ann

Most solid foundation

Now 400 years

Since white men came

Natives long gone

Except for names

Like Annisquam

Lumber was scarce

House salvaged from Pigeon Cove

Bayview barn torn down

Built home and studio

With a picture window

Overlooking Butman pit

Each day I sit

Swathed in the warm

Mantle of Manship

Invited as residents

Astrid and me

Doing the good work

Inspired by this place

Here in the belly of

My Irish ancestors

Nugents of Rockport

Heritage of Dogtown

Farm land included

All of Good Harbor Beach

Great grandparents

Patrick and Mary

Raised some thirteen

Three died in 1913

On Beaver Dam Farm

Now Babson Museum

Just the stone kitchen

All that’s left after

Vandals torched the farm

When Mary moved to town

Around 1927

George bought land

Just cross the road

Raised cows and pigs

An éminence grise

Largest land owner

Puppet master of

Gloucester politics

Heirs swindled

Lawyer did time

Former pig farm

Now upscale condos

Just the name survives

Mighty Nugent heritage

Thoughts of ancestors

Gazing out the window

Pit filled with water

Work of Finns

Ethnicity of this place

Before tourists and condos

Memories of when

Italians and Portuguese

Toiled the sea

Gloucester and Rockport

More dirt poor than quaint

Which artists came to paint

My Irish clan

Worked the land

Cape Ann flows

Deep in my veins


Charles Giuliano is a critic, artist and art historian. He has published seven books including Gloucester Poems: Nugents of Rockport. Charles’ next book, Annisquam: Pip and Me Coming of Age is a collaboration with his sister, due in 2023. He is grateful to Manship Artists Residency for making this work possible.

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