1933President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sailed into Gloucester Harbor.People and Communities, Economy and Industry, Maritime & Fishing Industry, Notable People

President Roosevelt aboard the Yacht Amber Jack, June 1933. Gordon W. Thomas, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 19931
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In 1933, the Gloucester fishing community was amid a serious shortage of cod and a surplus of mackerel. The New England fishing community and regulators were starting to negotiate and impose catch limits in an attempt to gain some control over prices. The Master Mariners’ Association of Gloucester organized representatives of the fishing communities along the eastern seaboard to go to Washington aboard the Gertrude L Thebaud to meet with the U.S. Tariff Commission and request aid similar to what the farming industry was receiving. While they received a warm welcome from both the President and Mrs. Roosevelt, they did not get the subsidies. The President returned the favor of a visit on June 20-21, 1933, when Gloucester Captain Ben Pine presented Roosevelt with an Emile Gruppé oil painting of the Gertrude L. Thebaud.

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