1833 - ~1839Susannah Paine, one of the first professional woman artists in this area, painted in Gloucester.People and Communities, Arts and Culture, Women's History, Art

Susannah Paine, Hannah Fuller Smith Stanwood (1803-1834), 1834, Oil on wood panel, Cape Ann Museum, Gift of Isabel B. Lane, 1947, http://www.capeannmuseum.org/collections/objects/hannah-fuller-smith-stanwood/
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Susanna Paine did several portraits in oil in Gloucester. They are bold and straightforward with large areas of color and solid, confident sitters. Determined to be self-sufficient, she struggled financially her whole life, but lived as a single woman artist, even supporting her parents their whole lives. She was groundbreaking as a woman and an artist.

Cape Ann Museum. “Works by Susannah Paine.” https://www.capeannmuseum.org/collections/artists/susannah-paine/.
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