1807The American Embargo Act was passed.Events & Anniversaries, Economy and Industry, Maritime & Fishing Industry, World Events

Ograbme, or The American Snapping-turtle, 1807, Presidential Campaigns: A Cartoon History, 1789-1976 Collection, Indiana University, Bloomington, http://purl.dlib.indiana.edu/iudl/images/VAD5457/VAD5457-1066494
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The Embargo Act prohibited U.S. vessels from conducting trade in foreign ports. It was an attempt by President Thomas Jefferson to preserve U.S. neutrality during the English and French wars of the Napoleonic era and prevent the involuntary “impressment” or capture of U.S. seamen by the English navy to man its ships. It is uncertain whether or not it was successful in protecting American vessels from being seized by those countries. It limited their access to arms and vital supplies, which caused a severe contraction of American commerce. The financial losses to merchants and mariners on Cape Ann and elsewhere on the East Coast led to vociferous resistance. The law was repealed days before Jefferson left office in 1809 and replaced by the less stringent and ineffective Non-Intercourse Act.

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