1770The Boston Massacre occurred.Events & Anniversaries, Economy and Industry, Economy, National Events

Gloucester Town Records, 1753-1800, 1800, pp. 120-121.
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Gloucester Town Records, 1753-1800, 1800, pp. 120-121.

In reaction to the Massacre, voters at the March 27 town meeting resolved that the British had “wantonly spilt the Blood of many of our Brethren which calls for our highest Resentment.” There was also discussion about customs enforcement, which was left to “lawless and licentious soldiery,” and the need to discourage the sale and consumption of tea. (Town Records, 120-121)

Gloucester Town Records, 1753-1800, 1800. http://archive.org/details/townrecords17531800 Tagney, Ronald N. A County in Revolution: Essex County at the Dawning of Independence. Cricket Press, 1976.
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