1773The Boston Tea Party occurred.Events & Anniversaries, Economy and Industry, Economy, National Events

Gloucester Town Records, 1753-1800. Vol. 3, 1800, p. 147.
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Gloucester Town Records, 1753-1800. Vol. 3, 1800, p. 147.

At a town meeting on December 15, members adopted resolutions approving actions taken in Boston to oppose the Tea Tax of 1773 and to not accept any tea imported to Gloucester. They resolved that “We will use our most strenuous exaction not only that there shall be no Teas landed in this Town subject to a Duty payable in America, but that we will have no commerce with any Person or Persons that have or shall have any Concern in buying or selling that detestable Herb.” (Town Records, 147)

On December 16, a group of men disguised themselves as Indigenous people and boarded a British East India Company ship carrying tea and dumped the cargo into Boston Harbor.

Gloucester Town Records, 1753-1800, 1800. http://archive.org/details/townrecords17531800
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