1968The first United States factory fishing vessel was built.Economy and Industry, Maritime & Fishing Industry

Gloucester Daily Times. “Behind Seafreeze Atlantic: Cash, planning, and work.” December 19, 1968.
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Technological hurdles, high labor costs and the reluctance to finance new fishing capacity had to be overcome to build the first U.S.-flagged fish factory. Built for Seafreeze Atlantic in Baltimore, Maryland, the 296-foot-long vessel was designed with 50,000 cubic feet of storage capacity to hold 900 tons of frozen fish. The ship’s home port was destined to be Gloucester. Newly available electric diesel propulsion systems and fully automated onboard processing made it possible to overcome high U.S. labor costs and federal restrictions on fishing in U.S. waters. The federal government subsidized half of the vessel’s $6.5 million construction costs. Asst. Secretary of State Donald McKernon called it “the potential solution to the problem of foreign factory ships.”

Gloucester Daily Times. "Behind Seafreeze Atlantic: Cash, planning, and work." December 19, 1968.
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