1831The Mason map was drawn.People and Communities, Economy and Industry, Land Ownership, Notable People

John Mason, Map of Gloucester, Cape Ann : shewing the roads, harbours, rivers, coves, islands & ledges surrounding that important cape, with directions for entering the harbours, 1831, Norman B. Leventhal Map Center Collection, Boston Public Library, https://collections.leventhalmap.org/search/commonwealth:cj82ks41h
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John Mason was a surveyor and cartographer who made several maps of Gloucester. He was very active in town, speculating in land. His maps included an 1830 colored map of Gloucester Harbor and a large 1831 city map that was mandated by the state. His 1834-1835 map showed all the houses and many of their owners, and indications of vessels in the harbor. It covered the area from Pavilion Beach to the Head of the Harbor on the north side, which was the main center of town.

“Map of Gloucester, Cape Ann - Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center.” https://collections.leventhalmap.org/search/commonwealth:cj82ks41h
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