1703The Selectmen petitioned the General Court to erect a fort on the harbor.Government and Public Service, State Government, Military

The petition, written by Thomas Riggs, William Sargent, Samuel Sargent, and John Parsons, asked the Court to consider providing a fort and ammunition so the colonists in Gloucester could defend themselves; to ” ‘Humbly sheweth that whereas we are a frontier town by the sea and lay very much exposed to the danger of the inroads of any foreign enemy, our harbor being very bold and safe for any enemy to come into and make an assault upon us, and we being but a small place and very much scattered, and being very poor and not capable to make a defence for our own safety and security, and there being a very convenient place of a small island or neck of land out into our Harbor for the erecting or building a fort or fortification upon, that may command our whole harbor which, if done, may be of great use and service to the whole province…’ ” (Babson, 81-82)

Babson, John James, and Samuel Chandler. Notes and Additions to the History of Gloucester : Second Series. [Salem, Mass.] : Salem Press Pub. and Print. Co., 1891, https://archive.org/details/notesadditionsto00babs/page/80/mode/2up?view=theater
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