1918The War Savings Stamp Drive parade and rally was held at City Hall.Government and Public Service, City Government, Military

Haskell Coffin, Joan of Arc saved France–Women of America, save your country–Buy War Savings Stamps, 1918, 1 print (poster), lithograph, color, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, https://www.loc.gov/item/2002708944/
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The parade started on Dale Avenue, then continued on to Prospect Street, Main Street, Washington Street, and then circled back to City Hall. Both the “La Marseillaise” and the “Star Spangled Banner” were performed and a rally of 1200 people listened to speakers, including Lt. Maurice Stehelin, of the French Army, who had five other brothers also serving.

Gloucester Daily Times. “Patriotism Had Fullest Sway.” June 19, 1918, Vol. 64 No. 8891 edition. https://sawyer.advantage-preservation.com/.
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