1873-1879William Morris Hunt summered in Magnolia until his death in 1879.People and Communities, Arts and Culture, Notable People, Art

James Wallace Black, William Morris Hunt, c. 1875, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, https://collections.si.edu/search/detail/edanmdm:npg_NPG.95.103?q=record_ID%3Dnpg_NPG.95.103&record=1&hlterm=record_ID%3Dnpg_NPG.95.103&inline=true
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Hunt studied and worked for several years in France. He became friends with and was heavily influenced by the work of Jean Francois Millet and the Barbizon School. Those artists were dedicated to painting outside, and Millet brought the idea to Magnolia later.

Hunt opened his art classes in Magnolia to women and attracted many influential Boston families’ daughters and wives.

Sharf, Frederic Alan. William Morris Hunt and the Summer Art Colony at Magnolia, Massachusetts, 1876-1879. Essex Institute, 1981.
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