1667William Stevens was charged with speaking disloyal words against the King.People and Communities, Notable People

More than 100 years before the American Revolution, Selectman William Stevens objected to the interference of royal commissioners in laws enacted by the Massachusetts Bay Colony and publicly defamed King Charles II. He was fined, imprisoned, and stripped of his status as a freeman. He lost most of his land and ended his days in poverty.

Gloucester (Mass.) Tercentenary Committee, and James Pringle R. The Book of the Three Hundredth Anniversary Observance of the Foundation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony at Cape Ann in 1623 and the Fiftieth Year of the Incorporation of Gloucester as a City. Publication Board of the Three hundredth anniversary executive committee, 1924. https://ia801602.us.archive.org/18/items/stevensgenealogy00barnrich/stevensgenealogy00barnrich.pdf
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