1932A bronze plaque honoring Nathaniel Haraden was placed on Stacy Esplanade opposite Kent Circle.People and Communities, Events & Anniversaries, Dedications, Notable People

Gloucester Daily Times. “Capt. Nathaniel Haraden — Sailing Master Noted Frigate.” July 2, 1932, Vol. 67 No. 14045 edition. https://sawyer.advantage-preservation.com/.
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Nathaniel Haraden was the shipkeeper of the U.S.S. Constitution from June 30, 1802, to May 14, 1803. Major repairs were done from May to August 1803, including recaulking all the planking, replacing the original copper sheathing, rerigging, and fitting new yards. At this time there was no dry dock in the United States, so all repairs below the waterline were done by careening or heaving the ship over in each direction to reach the areas normally underwater. He later commanded Gunboat No. 8 during the frigate’s expedition to the Mediterranean, where Commodore Edward Preble assumed command of the Mediterranean fleet during the Barbary War and the Battle of Tripoli Harbor. Haraden was commended for gallantry in action at the siege of Tripoli on August 3, 1804.

The plaque reads:
In Honor Of
An Intrepid Son of Gloucester
Nathaniel Haraden
Sailing Master of The
U.S. Frigate Constitution
Commended for Gallantry in Action
At the Seige of Tripoli, August 3, 1804

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