1974Artist Nell Blaine bought property in East Gloucester.People and Communities, Arts and Culture, Women's History, Art

Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Artist Files, AA01, FF4
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An inheritance allowed Blaine to purchase the land. Painter Carolyn Harris, her partner since 1967, lived with her here as well as in New York in the winter. Blaine contracted polio in 1959 and was paralyzed in her legs and right arm for the last 3 decades of her life. With much rehabilitation, she trained herself to paint in oil with her left hand, though she could still use her right for watercolor. With her restricted movement, the garden of Blaine’s Gloucester summer residence gave her abundant subject matter at home.

Blaine had been a New York abstractionist, part of a group of artists and poets in the mid-1950s including John Ashbury, Frank O’Hara, Willen de Kooning, Kenneth Koch, Lee Krasner, and Jane Freilicher.

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