1936Artists Frederick Mulhaupt and Charles Allan Winter painted the City Hall murals.Arts and Culture, Art

Winter’s studios and models for the WPA financed artwork in City Hall and Central Grammar, 1934. Charles Allan Winter, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 21166
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Mulhaupt painted 1606 – DeChamplain Surveys Le Beauport and Landing of Dorchester Colonists, 1623. Winter painted Protection of Fishing and Poetry. Poetry was originally painted for the Central Grammar School and was installed at the end of a long second-floor corridor around a door. The heroic immortals painted by Winter embody poetry’s highest value for students. Winter painted his and the views of the New Deal in this educational vision of artistic inspiration. Federal art in schools was intended to teach not only the meaning of art, but history as well, and then to model the future. In vocational schools, murals depicted technology and industry. In the academic schools, they showed the history of civilization and culture. Poetry is an academic school mural.

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