1671Boundaries between Gloucester, Ipswich, and Manchester were laid out.Government and Public Service, City Government

The commission that was set up to determine the boundary with Manchester in 1645 met again in 1671 after disputes were made over the boundaries of surrounding towns. The commission determined the boundary as “a west southwest course from Gloucester meeting house four miles and there marked a pine tree which is the bounds at that place between the said towns thence upon a strait line to a white oak at the coming in of a little creek at the eastern edge of the beach. . . and Gloucester to keep the four miles from the meeting house until they meet with the Ipswich line.”

Gloucester (Mass.) Tercentenary Committee, and James Pringle R. The Book of the Three Hundredth Anniversary Observance of the Foundation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony at Cape Ann in 1623 and the Fiftieth Year of the Incorporation of Gloucester as a City. Publication Board of the Three hundredth anniversary executive committee, 1924.
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