1970Cape Ann artist Roger Martin and others started the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly.Arts and Culture, Government and Public Service, Art, Education

Montserrat College of Art, Dean of College Relations
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The eight artists involved included Oliver Balf, George Gabin, Joe Jeswald, Paul Scott, John Head, Jim Sweeney, Ray Pisano, and Vincent Varvaro. Most of them had exhibited in the Cape Ann Festival of the Arts and were commuting to teach in Boston. They wanted to do so closer to home, as well as to incorporate new ideas and designed an open admissions policy requiring only an interview and portfolio. Montserrat’s first location was Ipswich, then the North Shore Music Circus, then, finally, Beverly. Many Cape Ann artists taught or lectured there, including Harry Martin, AL Czerepak, Thorpe Feidt, Peter Anastas, Betty Lou Shlemm, and Vincent Ferrini.

Montserrat College of Art, Dean of College Relations, Roger Martin, Notes on Montserrat Founding History, August 17, 1989.
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