1912-1915Harry C. Foster served as the mayor of Gloucester.Government and Public Service, City Government

Portrait of Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. 1915. (1915) Who’s Who in State Politics, Boston: Practical Politics / https://archive.org/details/whoswhoinstatepo1915bost.
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Harry C. Foster worked as a civil engineer for the Boston Elevated Railway Company. He became the chairman of the Gloucester Republican City Committee in 1898. Also in 1898, he was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and in 1902, to the Massachusetts Senate. While in the Senate, a committee found him guilty of “poor behavior,” although no action was taken.

He served as the mayor of Gloucester from 1912-1915, after which he returned to the Massachusetts House of Representatives. In 1916, State Representative, James M. Lyle accused Foster of collecting money to be used for lobbying a bill compelling Gloucester and Rockport to contribute $90,000 to the construction of a new highway. Foster admitted to collecting money and was expelled from the House.

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