1883Howard Blackburn rowed in a dory to Newfoundland after a winter storm separated him from his schooner.People and Communities, Economy and Industry, Maritime & Fishing Industry, Notable People

Portrait of Howard Blackburn, 1884-1885. Patten, Perkins & Stratton, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives Photo 14068
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Blackburn and his dory mate Tom Welch were fresh-halibuting out of Gloucester on the schooner Grace L. Fears when they were caught in a storm. Welch froze to death, but Blackburn rowed to Newfoundland, losing all his fingers, half of each of his thumbs, and most of his toes in the process.

When he returned to Gloucester, he opened a saloon on Main Street.

Timeline: Cape Ann - Howard Blackburn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsK0zSe4zWk.
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