1901Howard Blackburn sailed the Great Republic solo to Portugal.People and Communities, Economy and Industry, Maritime & Fishing Industry, Notable People

Gloucester Daily Times. “Enthusiastic Send Off Accorded Capt. Howard Blackburn as He Left This Port Sunday to Again Cross the Atlantic.” June 10, 1901, Vol. 26 No. 3843 edition. https://sawyer.advantage-preservation.com
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In 1899, Blackburn sailed the Gloucester sloop Great Western to England in 62 days. Blackburn decided to make a second solo crossing.

He sailed the Great Republic to Portugal in 1901, setting a new record of 39 days. After, he had the Great Republic shipped home from Portugal, and the following year he embarked on another solo voyage, this time an inland excursion up the Hudson River to the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi, and around Florida.

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