1917Mason A. Walton published A Hermit’s Wild Friends, or, Eighteen Years in the Woods.People and Communities, Arts and Culture, Literary History, Notable People

Mason A. Walton, “Hermit of Bond’s Hill,” c. 1900. Courtesy of Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 21334
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Mason Walton was born in Maine and worked in Boston as an adult. In Boston, he developed a severe respiratory infection. In the summer of 1884, he boarded a steamboat bound for Gloucester, hoping to find work on a fishing schooner. To restore his health, he camped out on Bond Hill, eventually building a cabin there. He decided to dedicate his life to the study of flora, fauna, and ornithology. Since 1880, Walton had been contributing regularly to the magazine that would become Field and Stream, writing a column under the pseudonym “The Hermit,” which he then republished as the book A Hermit’s Wild Friends, or, Eighteen Years in the Woods. The book was dedicated to “lovers of nature, everywhere.” Walton died peacefully in his sleep in 1917 at the age of 79.

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