1909President William Taft was honored at the Great Pageant held at Stage Fort Park.People and Communities, Events & Anniversaries, Celebrations & Anniversaries, Notable People

“Gloucester pageant in honor of President of the U. S. WHT, Wednesday, August 4, 1909, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, Mass.”, August 1909. Herman W. Spooner, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 01664
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Taft was invited to Gloucester Day by John Hays Hammond after he learned that the President planned to spend the summer in Beverly. Hammond was a childhood friend and college classmate of Taft’s at Yale. This year, Gloucester Day was specifically scheduled and planned around the President’s attendance, with additions to the ceremony and presents made specifically for Taft. Though the President was unable to attend the August 4th event, his wife, son, and friends were able to enjoy the festivities.

Tibbets, Frederick Washington. The Story of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Permanently Settled 1623; an Address. [Gloucester, Clark the printer, 1917, http://archive.org/details/storyofglouceste01tibb.
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