1909Rockport Granite Company in Bay View cut 65-ton blocks of granite to be used for the fountain bowls and bases at Union Station Plaza in Washington D.C.Economy and Industry, Granite Industry

View of quarry for the Rockport Granite Company, c. 1914. Herman W. Spooner, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 22537
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The twin sea-green fountain bowls were each carved from a single block of granite and measured 13 feet across and 11 feet tall when completed. The bowls, which were big enough for five men to stand in comfortably, were polished so finely that one of the stonecutters remarked that they may be used for shaving mirrors. A specially reinforced flatcar was brought from Vermont for the transportation of the bowls, which arrived safely after many anxious efforts.

Erkkila, Barbara H. Hammers on Stone: A History of Cape Ann Granite. 1st ed, TBW Books, 1980.
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