1845Ralph Waldo Emerson gave a lecture at the Gloucester Lyceum.People and Communities, Arts and Culture, Cultural Institutions, Notable People

Josiah Johnson Hawes, Ralph Waldo Emerson,1857, Albumen silver print, printed ca. 1880, Eastman Museum, https://collections.eastman.org/objects/28550/ralph-waldo-emerson?ctx=40feaa18-c1ab-482e-b861-5102792e93c3&idx=13
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An essayist, poet, and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson began as a Unitarian minister in Boston and achieved worldwide fame as a lecturer and author. He influenced generations of Americans, including his friend Henry David Thoreau, John Dewey, and Friedrich Nietzsche.
He made part of his living by giving lectures and appeared at the Gloucester Lyceum several times over the years: on March 6, 1845, “Napoleon Bonaparte”; Feb. 25, 1846, “Sketches of the life of Montaigne”; Dec. 30, 1846 “Eloquence”; Feb. 14, 1849 “England”; Feb. 13, 1850 “The spirit of the age”; Jan. 22, 1851, “The law of success”; March 9, 1853, “The Anglo-Saxon.”

Excerpts from the record of the] Gloucester Lyceum [1830-1853], compiled by Elaine Smogard.
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