1870sThe first Finnish immigrants came to Cape AnnPeople and Communities, Finnish History, Immigration

Elias Johnson worked in a quarry, c. 1900. Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 22410
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According to Barbara Erkkila in her book Hammers on Stone, the first Finnish immigrants arrived on Cape Ann in the 1870s, “when seven men, dissatisfied crew members of a ship, hiked the forty miles from Boston Harbor to Lanesville because they had heard there was work in the quarries” (Erkkila, 97).

Erkkila, Barbara H. Hammers on Stone: A History of Cape Ann Granite. 1st ed, TBW Books, 1980.
"Salmon Hautamaki, paving cutter, Lanesville, working at his tub smoothing edges. He wears a hand-knit sweater and felt boots," n.d. R. W. Phelps, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 12883
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