1793The first hand tub fire engines were bought.Government and Public Service, City Departments

Minutes of Town Meeting, May 13, 1793. Gloucester Town Records, 1753-1800, p. 376 https://archive.org/details/townrecords17531800/page/n407/mode/2up?view=theater
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These early fire engines, called hand tubs, were pulled by hand and the water was dumped into the tub by a bucket brigade. The town voted to provide £30 for acquiring the engines.

Gloucester Town Records, 1753-1800. Vol. 3, 1800, http://archive.org/details/townrecords17531800. Tracy, Cyrus M. Standard History of Essex County, Massachusetts, Embracing a History of the County from Its First Settlement to the Present Time, with a History and Description of Its Towns and Cities. Boston, C. F. Jewett, 1878, http://archive.org/details/standardhistoryo00trac
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