1661The first recorded ship built in Gloucester, by William Stevens.Economy and Industry, Maritime & Fishing Industry

Although it is likely that ships were built in Gloucester during the previous few decades, in June of 1661 it was recorded that Steven agreed “to build 1 new ship of 68 foot long by ye keele, and 23 food broad from outside to outside and 9 1-2 foot in ye hold under ye beam; with two decks, forecastle, quarter deck; ye deck from ye mainmast to ye forecastle to be 5 foot high, with a fall at ye forecastle 15 inches, and a raise at ye mainmast to ye quarter deck of 6 inches. The great cabbin to be 6 foot high. The sd Stevens to be paid the sum of £3. 5s. for every tunn of said ship’s burthen.” For payment, he received “£150 in good muscovadoes shugar, at 2d. by the pound at Barbados.”

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