1941The Folly Cove Designers organized a professional collaborative and started exhibiting their designs.People and Communities, Arts and Culture, Women's History, Art

Cape Ann Museum. “Folly Cove Designers.” https://www.capeannmuseum.org/collections/folly-cove-designers/.
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The Folly Cove Designers was composed almost entirely of women, most being residents of Cape Ann and a majority having no artistic training prior to becoming involved in the group. The Folly Cove Designers operated in a manner similar to Medieval Guilds. Each member worked on their own, at their home, or in their studios. Once a month a group meeting was held at which ideas were exchanged and critiques offered. By the end of 1941, they had a New York City outlet, America House, part of the American Craftsmen Cooperative Council. Between 1941 and 1955, the Folly Cove Designers participated in 16 museum exhibitions. They also supplied designs to a number of well-known wholesalers and retailers including Lord & Taylor, F. Schumacher, Rich’s of Atlanta, and Skinner Silks.

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