1831The General Court passed an act to establish the Fire Department.Events & Anniversaries, Government and Public Service, Fires, City Departments

A list of the original members of the first fire department in Gloucester, 1831. Courtesy of the Gloucester City Archives, CC14, Box 14, FF 1
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The Great Fire of 1830 demonstrated the need to have a more organized fire department. However, while many saw the necessity, there were still a few doubters among the townsfolk. The meausure passed at the next town meeting, 95 to 64 votes.

Somes, John J. The Gloucester Fire Department : Its History and Work from 1793 to 1893 : The Old Machines, Fire Clubs, Hand Engines, Steamers, Etc., Etc., and the Part Each Performed in Fighting Fires, with a Record of Fires from 1656 to 1893. Proctor Brothers, 1892. Gloucester City Archives, CC14, Box 14, FF 1
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