1881The Gloucester Water Supply Company was incorporated.Economy and Industry, Infrastructure

Copy of the Proposition of George Norman to the City of Gloucester, 1881 Courtesy of the Gloucester City Archives, CC20, Box 70, FF 3
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The question of a city-wide water source was first raised in 1880 by George S. Norman, a businessman from Newport who proposed the construction of a water works, which would provide 150 hydrants at an annual rental rate of $8,000 and the construction of a water plant. The city voted to petition the legislature to allow the admission of the bill, which the governor later signed, allowing the city to take land to construct the water system.

A committee on water surveyed the city. George Norman modified his original proposal, by extending his system to Lanesville and adding 20 hydrants and $500 to his estimate. This proposal did not pass the second time it was put to a vote. The Gloucester Water Supply Company then formed and was given the power to construct a water works system. The committee wrote a proposal similar to Norman’s, which also did not pass, leading the company to work independently of the city. Work on the water system began in 1884 and was completed in 1885.

Gloucester City Archives, CC20, Box 70, FF 3
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