1880-1882Joseph Garland served as the mayor of Gloucester.Government and Public Service, City Government

Portrait of Joseph Garland (1822–1902), Men of Progress: One Thousand Biographical Sketches and Portraits of Leaders in Business and Professional Life in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1896, page 762, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Joseph_Garland_(1822%E2%80%931902).png
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Garland moved to Gloucester from Hampton, New Hampshire where he was a teacher. In Gloucester, he continued his teaching career, established a medical practice, and served on the school committee.

He ran for mayor in 1879 as the Republican nominee and defeated incumbent Mayor William Williams. He was reelected in 1880 and did not run again in 1881.

After his tenure as mayor, he continued to practice medicine until his death in 1902.

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