1719The highway from the Cut to the Ferry was laid out, as was a highway in the West Precinct called Long-Cove Way.Economy and Industry, Government and Public Service, Infrastructure, Transportation

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Gloucester Town Records, 1694-1762. Vol. 2, 1762, p. 98

The town voted on March 3, 1719, for a highway “from the cut road toward Ipswich to the highway that runs from the meeting house, in the second precinct, to the ferry,” as well as a link between Concord St. to Bray St., leading to Long Cove. (Babson, 309)

Essex Institute, Thomas E. Babson. "Evolutions of Cape Ann Roads and Transportation, 1623-1955: A Talk before the Cape Ann Historical Association, April 11, 1955." Oct. 1955.
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