1909The Niles farmhouse on Eastern Point burned down.Events & Anniversaries, Fires

Niles Farm House, c. 1900. Ernest L. Blatchford, Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Photo 17956
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This was the fourth time that the Niles farm property had burned in 50 years. On February 11, 1858, two barns burned down. On May 26, 1865, six icehouses on the property burned down.

On March 30, 1909, in the early morning hours, a fire started on the second floor of the farmhouse and was only extinguished after a considerable amount of damage had been dealt. Two days later on April 1, the building caught fire again, this time fully destroying the structure. Each of these instances was speculated to be the result of arson, though only the fire in 1858 saw formal accusations and a trial.

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