1643The town voted that Ten Pound Island be reserved for rams only.Economy and Industry, Government and Public Service, Agriculture, City Government

Gloucester Town Records, 1642-1715. Vol. 1. Gloucester, Mass., 1715. https://archive.org/details/GLOTownRecords16921715Images/page/n9/mode/2up?view=theater
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The name Ten Pound Island likely refers to sheep “pounds,” which were pens used to enclose adult male sheep. The island was large enough to support only ten rams. Putting anything other than a “great Ram” would cause the perpetrator to “forfeit 2s. 6d. per head.”

Gloucester Town Records, 1642-1715. Vol. 1, 1715, https://archive.org/details/GLOTownRecords16921715Images Garland, Joseph E. The Gloucester Guide: A Stroll through Place and Time. The History Press ed, The History Press, 2004.
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